Found two specimens of plant fascination today; a deformation growing from a damaged bud. The purple one is liatris that was growing near train tracks along the bike trail between Ballard Fred Meyer and Lucca statuary. The other a dahlia from my yard. What causes…

Love wins


Equal protection for love of all kinds. Our country is growing up. ♥♥♥


I review movies Jon makes me watch: Mad Max Fury Road

WARNING: SPOILERS and unpolite language A touching tale of romance between a cancer afflicted prostitute and her albino gimp, Fury Road is a true story of survival in the gasoline-and-car worshipping wastes of central Texas, aka the heartland of the American South. After being sexually…

Debating whether to go fully offline / delete the blog

I’m hitting a point where internet has no value -for me- anymore. I don’t feel a need to have a portfolio online or share my life with anyone specific (I don’t think my family looks at this – family prove me wrong if you care, hahaha)….


Putting fences around it

Chewing on my own brain, angst and anxiety soup… Mom. Is Mom ok? happy? Should I call? What would I say? I’ve got nothing going on. I hope her days are getting brighter. Why has she had so much shitty luck? Am I just like her? How do I…