Got a scanner!


I’m back baby!  ❤❤❤   Illustration made easier, thanks scanner-bot!


Quatrifoil doorknob

Found this amazing old doorknob, covered in rust, and fell in love at first sight. The rust is lovely, but I want to stick it on the sauna door, and it felt too scratchy and gross to touch. Naval Jelly cleaned up the rust, leaving a…

north side after stain

Exterior surfaces before and after photos

It’s easy to forget what the outside of the house looks like, or to forget it’s even there during these long winter months when I’m inside for weeks without going out. Spring 2014 I went out to inspect the bulbs poking out and realized the siding was…

What is my thing

What is the thing that you love so much that you want to do it for the rest of your life? What do you get lost in, when time stops and you aren’t thinking about the past or the future?

before color was invented

The one where I kill a wall then rebuild it

In the process of preparing to build a mini dry sauna in a glassed in porch (aka the sun room), I busted into the existing wall attempting to get down to a solid surface onto which the sauna framing could be attached.     I suppose I could’ve simply…