Smoke and smolder

Smoke, until the sun turns red and the heart is ablaze. Smoldering through plants and soil, helpful and unhelpful books, friends and evenings. Ungraspable, they recoil from prickly touch, fanning to keep from catching fire. Smolder through another day, burning away thoughts of procreation, creation,…



Found two specimens of plant fascination today; a deformation growing from a damaged bud. The purple one is liatris that was growing near train tracks along the bike trail between Ballard Fred Meyer and Lucca statuary. The other a dahlia from my yard. What causes…

Love wins


Equal protection for love of all kinds. Our country is growing up. ♥♥♥


I review movies Jon makes me watch: Mad Max Fury Road

WARNING: SPOILERS and unpolite language A touching tale of romance between a cancer afflicted prostitute and her albino gimp, Fury Road is a true story of survival in the gasoline-and-car worshipping wastes of central Texas, aka the heartland of the American South. After being sexually…

Debating whether to go fully offline / delete the blog

I’m hitting a point where internet has no value -for me- anymore. I don’t feel a need to have a portfolio online or share my life with anyone specific (I don’t think my family looks at this – family prove me wrong if you care, hahaha)….


Putting fences around it

Chewing on my own brain, angst and anxiety soup… Mom. Is Mom ok? happy? Should I call? What would I say? I’ve got nothing going on. I hope her days are getting brighter. Why has she had so much shitty luck? Am I just like her? How do I…