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4109833531_851ccb64f5_mHey there It’s me, Tab. I’m currently based in Seattle with two ridiculous pet bunnies and a ridiculous bear-like human. Sharing handmade artifacts with the world is what makes my heart explode with awesome-ness.

Back in the day… as a kid in rural Montana, I grew to appreciate quiet places. In a pre-internet, pre-cellphone, mostly prairie-covered environment, being inventive and adapting my surroundings to all types of play was mandatory to stave off boredom and delinquency. In the late nineties I left for art school in Seattle. The pacific northwest is surrounded with all kinds of wild natural places, and I still spend as much time as I can exploring, camping, hiking and diving.

Mook-o-visionFor over a decade I worked both on-staff and solo as a graphic designer, and have been slowly evolving my style from a restrained, delicate look to my a more exuberant, inspired and illustrative look. My early work includes everything from serious corporate stuff to animated games and websites. (Graphic Design Portfolio)

handAll the things I do with my hands has taken a toll. I hit a small course alteration in summer of 2014, when my right hand was operated on to relieve a long-time carpal tunnel condition. The pain is gone now, but I’ve had to slow way down in the recuperation phase – and I see this as a good thing. I’m learning to be more observant, patient, and easy on myself. If you are young and pain free, please take care of your body. Ergonomics at work are especially important!

IMGP9522For the past couple of years, I’ve been pursuing a minimalist lifestyle; small living, walking and biking, composting, fixing and reusing, and maximizing living. These days, art-dabbling and gardening takes up most of my time – you’ll usually find me in the yard, working patiently with one hand. 

There’s more to life than drawing a paycheck, and I intend to explore life fully and from all angles, without wrecking the earth or myself.

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