About Funki

4109833531_851ccb64f5_mHey It’s me, Tab. I’m in Seattle with two ridiculous pet bunnies and an awesome bear-like human.

Coming up in a pre-internet prairie-covered environment, I grew to appreciate quiet places. I eventually checked out of cattle country, and found my way to art school in Seattle. The Pacific Northwest is surrounded with wild places. I spend all the time I can exploring, camping, hiking and diving or in my garden recreating a wild place.

Mook-o-visionFor 15+ years I worked on-staff and freelance as a graphic designer, and have been slowly evolving my style from a restrained, delicate look to a more exuberant, illustrative look. My early work includes everything from serious corporate collateral to animated games and websites. (Graphic Design Portfolio)

handLife happened. I hit a small course alteration in summer of 2014, when my right hand was operated on to relieve a long-time carpal tunnel condition; the result of years of gardening, drawing, building and working in design. I’ve slowed down now – and I see this as a good thing. I’m learning to be more observant, patient, and easy on myself.

IMGP9522I’m pursuing a minimalist lifestyle; small living, walking and biking, composting, fixing and reusing, and maximizing living.

There’s more to life than drawing a paycheck, and I intend to explore life fully from all angles, without wrecking the earth or myself.

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