What is my thing

What is the thing that you love so much that you want to do it for the rest of your life? What do you get lost in, when time stops and you aren’t thinking about the past or the future?


De-clutter complete

Two years ago, Jon and I departed our 2000+ sq ft lifestyle in a boring monoculture suburb of Seattle (Laurelhurst) and headed back to the city for a more connected-to-society lifestyle. This post is reflecting on the process, how and what we downsized, and what…

No Impact Week continues: Thursday, Energy Day

This week Sun-Sun is No Impact Week, which Jon and I are attempting to participate in, as much as possible. Thursday is energy conservation day. Things we do to conserve energy: I work on a laptop instead of a large machine, to reduce energy needs…

Downsizing anniversary

This post is inspired by Grist’s Dare to Make a Change effort to encourage people to step outside their comfort zones and try something new to reduce your impact on the world. One year and one month ago, Jon and I moved from 2400 sq…

Practicing compassion: This person

Like me, this person is seeking happiness in their life.Like me, this person wants to avoid suffering in their life.Like me, this person has experienced fear, loneliness and sadness.Like me, this person is seeking to fill their needs.Like me, this person is learning about life….