Debating whether to go fully offline / delete the blog

I’m hitting a point where internet has no value -for me- anymore. I don’t feel a need to have a portfolio online or share my life with anyone specific (I don’t think my family looks at this – family prove me wrong if you care, hahaha).

What makes me blog? I’ve been doing it unquestioningly as just something one has to do – participate in the online world. The internet has changed from a bunch of kinky nerds to a bunch of ignorant jerks. Without some form of online commerce or freelance business to prop up, I’m not sure I’ll continue. Podcasts have replaced most of my online reading.

I’m logging into WordPress several times a week to update stuff because someone out there is trying, multiple times a day, to log in to it and do ?. Sigh.

Anyway, the rundown of online succession:

Facebook – not on it anymore.

Twitter – turned it off 2 days ago.

Blog – I think at this point I’m going to let all of my domains and hosting and blazdyblah expire at the next renew so I don’t have to think about it anymore.

Still reachable by text and email – for now.

Email may have to go.

You can still mail me a letter, until the post office goes bankrupt.

If you’re reading this, don’t. Go out side and enjoy your summer. 🙂