Exterior surfaces before and after photos

It’s easy to forget what the outside of the house looks like, or to forget it’s even there during these long winter months when I’m inside for weeks without going out. Spring 2014 I went out to inspect the bulbs poking out and realized the siding was looking more shabby than chic. We were missing a couple dozen shingles and all the pipes and boxes were rusting and badly stained.


before stain 2 before stain 3 before stain 4 before stain gas meter before


That summer I put a new layer of stain all the way around, and gave the windows and doors a colorful update, plus painted lots of new wood that was replacing rotted out trim and overhangs. It was tedious, but the house was past due. The weather turned on me before I finished the exterior trim that’s up by the roofline, so there’s more to do for the next warm weather spell. Feb…it’s going to be awhile before that happens.


IMG_20150203_151052 IMG_20150203_151119 IMG_20150203_151128 IMG_20150203_151147 IMG_20150203_151220 IMG_20150203_151252 IMG_20150203_151317 north side after stain


While taking the photos, I noticed that the front door got missed in the flurry of painting. It will get painted next season for sure, along with the peeling orange concrete steps.

An old home has so many maintenance needs, that without regular work starts to cascade in a seemingly exponential way. I have flow charts of the myriad things that must be fixed before other things can get fixed. Build order. It feels completely overwhelming at times, reviewing the to-do lists and spreadsheets of things that I still need to fix. I’ll feel spontaneous about doing a particular thing, then realize three other things must be done before it. I went back to blog about the painting and staining project as a reminder of one of the many major accomplishments we’ve already made in fixing up this old home. I’m really into architecture, construction, 3D modeling in Sketchup, and creation of artsy home and garden structures right now. It’d be amazing to find a way to monetize this without going into actual construction (my carpal tunnels can’t take it) or becoming an architect (school just doesn’t interest me anymore, learning is too slow and too LCD). If you have ideas, let me know. Until then, plenty to do around here.