I review movies Jon makes me watch: Mad Max Fury Road

WARNING: SPOILERS and unpolite language

A touching tale of romance between a cancer afflicted prostitute and her albino gimp, Fury Road is a true story of survival in the gasoline-and-car worshipping wastes of central Texas, aka the heartland of the American South. After being sexually misused for some time by an elderly but still insane Skeletor Flash Gordon.

They set out for adventure with a sexy blood receptacle to hijack and barter fuels and whores with other car-mad individuals. Everything in Texas is shit, so the albino army spends all day working out and huffing silver paint until they find a unreasonably violent way to off themselves and others while destroying several tons of extinct machinery in the process. How do they have any cars or guys left? Did they start this cult last week? Well it doesn’t matter because everything blew up and died in the end, I think, or maybe I fell asleep. Who cares.