Working with City Fruit

This spring (2014), I started a new part time job as the office manager at City Fruit.  What is City Fruit?

We have too much of this in Seattle…fruit rotting on the ground. People inherit a fruit tree with their house, but they don’t know what to do with it. Fruit drops to the ground, inviting rodents and pests, and starting a cycle of neglect that eventually will make the fruit too disease-and-pest-ridden to eat (although it can still be suitable for cider pressing, applesauce, etc). Without regular pruning, the trees get unwieldily and unsightly, becoming a nuisance.

This waste is inexcusable – we can do better! Urban fruit is just as good as the fruit you can get from a store. The fruit is tasty and usable, a hyper-local food source, but it’s left to rot on the ground. City Fruit is working to reclaim these resources and return them to their rightful status as a valuable public asset.

City Fruit is working an ever-expanding network of urban orchards on public and private properties. They are finding unwanted fruit and harvesting it. The fruit is delivered to food banks, senior centers, daycares and other places where people use, and really appreciate, the fresh fruit. Currently there are harvests being coordinated in West Seattle, South Seattle, Phinney-Greenwood, Ballard, and Wallingford.

Cost of organic local fruit in a store is typically $1.99+ per pound. City Fruit is able to coordinate free sources of fruit with paid and volunteer harvesters, to get fruit for as little as $0.62 per pound. Harvest costs are paid for with a combination of generosity from individual donors and sponsoring community organizations and businesses, and large portions of the costs are covered by grants and major donors. Donating to City Fruit means that they can harvest more fruit, bringing it to more people.

You can help by donating to the harvest, or by volunteering to help with work-parties and harvesting!

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