Quatrifoil doorknob

Found this amazing old doorknob, covered in rust, and fell in love at first sight. The rust is lovely, but I want to stick it on the sauna door, and it felt too scratchy and gross to touch.


Naval Jelly cleaned up the rust, leaving a still-scratchy feeling but cleaner knob. I gave it a light polishing with the Dremel to knock off loose paint flecks.



Then I gave it a base layer of copper enamel, followed by a light layer of dark bronze previously mixed with black enamel. These were all heat-proof paints I originally bought to repaint an old radiator at our condo. Using a small art brush, I painted the enamels on thinly in order to preserve the neat details on the knob.

Copper base layer


 Finished doorknob, ready to go on the sauna door…