What I believe to be true about life, the universe, and everything:

I’m going to unpack some of what I currently believe to be true in this weird human-ish life I’ve come to know during a tiny pinprick of cosmic time, my thirty-five years on the planet Earth.

I believe we are simple machines composed of the same matter as everything else on the planet, in the universe, surviving only to reproduce. While it is mentally stimulating to contemplate the nature of the universe and entertain grandiose ideas about our position in the universe and how we might conquer it further, I feel it’s ultimately a pointless pursuit. We’re already so adept at conquering our only home in the universe that it’s on the way to being uninhabitable. We’ve failed our biological imperative – we’re committing slow mass suicide by human-enabled climate shift, endless wars and injustice, and the hoarding of resources by the few. I have no doubt that some of us will adapt and survive for awhile longer, but in the grand scheme I believe that in the cosmic calendar, we are nearly done as a species lording over this planet. But I don’t think that means we should stop trying, stop shopping, stop driving, stop propping up corporations that are poisoning us. We must make radical changes if we want to survive and have a life on this planet worth living. I don’t believe that living in an underground bunker, or sucking canned oxygen on some space station would constitute a life worth living – for me. The planet devoid of it’s vast biological diversity is not a planet I want to inhabit or bring children into.

I believe we are not any more special or important or worthy of this planet than a bee colony, a chimp, a vast fungal network underground, the ocean that birthed all of us, the network of trees that form the respiratory system of our planet. It is all complex and worthy of the planet. We don’t own this planet, and we clearly should not have been allowed as stewards of it. I reject manifest destiny. I reject the notion that the planet is ours to develop or change or that the destruction is inevitable for progress. I believe every person on this planet deserves an equal share of it’s waters, food, work, and diversity – and that those shares should not be taken at a cost to other species we co-habitate this planet with.

I believe a person can have a good life without taking a bigger share than they deserve. We have been tricked by the few into a cycle of over-consuming in order to meet corporate needs for ever-increasing growth. Over the years of increased corporate activity and corporate buyout of our government, we’ve been stripped of basic human traits that make us feel meaningful and a part of the world. We’ve gone from people who make things, share, cultivate, build, repair, debate, converse, collaborate, and we were ‘up-sold’ new traits that separate us from the world, making us takers, consumers, GDP-growers, individualists, soap-boxers, libertarians, entrepreneurs, go-getters.  I believe that the farther we distance ourselves from our humanity, the farther we distance ourselves from the planet – our home – and the less likely we are to survive longer than this short cosmic minute of existence we’ve had so far.

Maybe this is all super naive. I’m only 35. But I feel these things in my heart. That we’re on the wrong path, but it could be as simple as unplugging all of these ties that the corporate ruling bodies have imprisoned us with. Go back to doing human things. Making things. Sharing things. Growing things. Caring about other species, taking care of our shared water and air, contributing to the commons more than we are taking from it.

I’m going to go build something. I’m interested in your comments if you have anything to say about all this, or want to share what rings true for you, leave me a note here or email me at funkisockmunki at gmail.