Where’s Funki?!


Left side has new stain, right side is unstained.

Summer days are blazing past at a million miles an hour. Sun is up and zooooooooom, gone again. A year ago, we relocated to this house, a spectacular old house with an even more spectacular level of neglect. My days since have been filled with repairs. Don’t take this as complaining though! Working on the house is one of my favorite things to whittle away my time with.


Replacing shingles above the sunroom.

Lately I’ve been fixing the cedar shake shingles on the exterior, cleaning them, and re-staining. The color Jon and I picked is called Forest Darkness. Ooooooh, spooky! At the end of the summer, our funky little house will finally have a coat of good winter protection that it’s been lacking for 10+ years. I’ve also been pulling out stray hardware, old hooks and wires, and we removed phone cables, the dish tv system and all it’s wires, and the house is looking quite nice.




New trim and door colors!

Also, my phone is broken. The screen is upsidedown and backwards, making it unusable. It’s insured (yay) but the phone insurance company is saying they don’t have to replace my phone with the same one and they insist I need to downgrade (boo), which I am loathe to do, so I’m without a phone for awhile. Unfortunately the phone is what I use to take photos for my Etsy shop – so no new listings will happen until I get the phone thing sorted out. Which probably means no end of September newsletter either. I’ll be back as soon as I can get it all sorted. Until then, enjoy your summers end!